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Insulin pumps: Silouhette VS Quick-Set infusion set

In my last post, I was talking about insulin pumps and different infusion sets and realized that not everyone was aware of the four kinds of sets available on the market. Having tried two of them, here’s my two cents:

Silouhette infusion set:

The Silouhette set is mostly axed for lean, active people as it offers the option of insertion angle. If you’re a skinny person, you will love this set as you can insert the catheter at an angle that would best suit you: Right between the skin layer and the muscle, as parallel as can be!

Here are the positive points of the set I’ve find:

  • Hides well under clothes;
  • Easy to detach for showering, swimming, etc;
  • Loved the option of inserting the catheter at 45 degrees or as close to skin as possible;
  • Can easily be inserted manually

There are always cons though:

  • Easy to rip off of you when you bump into things, remove clothes, etc;
  • Easily leaves scars for people with sensitive skin, like me!;
  • As I gained weight during my pregnancy, the more fat build up, the less effective my usual infusion sites became.

Quick-Set infusion set:


The quick-set infusion set is the most popular choice and is effective for all patients. It has a 90 degrees cannula which offers best insulin injection. When I gained weight during my pregnancy (A whooping 60 lbs!) This set would reach deeper into my skin for better insulin action and I stuck with it post pregnancy!

Positive points:

  • 90 degrees catheter allowing great insulin effectiveness;
  • Difficult to accidentally rip! (My 1 year old son grabbed it several times and pulled without success, HAH!);
  • Leaves little to no scars on sensitive skin;
  • Even if recommended to change every 3 days, I keep it on for a whole week and it still is effective on the 7th day;
  • Has a great locking system to prevent accidental detachment.

Negative stuff:

  • Easy to see under the clothes as it gives bigger relief;
  • Sensitive skin people might find the glue-on part itchy;
  • Hard to manually insert (Without insertion tool) as it is a 90 degrees insertion.

Have you tried any of the other sets? If so, would you recommend another? And what are your experiences with those mentioned?

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Busy busy Bolus busy


For the past few days I’ve been soooo busy… From picking my husband up at the airport to visiting family two hours away, it seems like I’ve just finally sat down and took a breath! All this moving around and sleeping elsewhere makes me forgetful sometimes. I forget my son’s milk, his utensils (He’s only 14 months old so he has his own plastic cutlery!) his blanket… But all these things I can buy at the local store.

What I can’t get in a jiffy is my insulin pump supplies. Thankfully I had some reservoirs in the bottom of my backpack from the last time we visited! I usually order my insulin supplies from medtronic’s online store so it usually takes about 3 days for me to get it.

I tend to forget things like toothpaste, my perfume, an extra pair of socks… But I make sure my diabetic supplies follow me around! 

What about you? Do you keep extra supplies at friend’s and family? Have you ever forgotten your supplies and couldn’t have any for a few days? Share! I’d love to hear from you!

“Forgot your supplies mommy? I’m NOT impressed!”


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