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Journey into weight loss part two: Weight watchers

So I’ve figured I needed to take a decision. Do it on my own which hasn’t worked in all of my life or ask for help. So, ask for help I chose.

I was talking with my best friend yesterday and she convinced me. I signed up for weight watchers. I had been thinking about it for a while, but didn’t exactly what they were offering for a monthly cost. When Val (My best friend who coincidentally has the same name!) told me what it was about, I stepped in. The same night, I created an account and started my WW(Weight Watchers) plan.

I was AMAZED that even thought I wasn’t eating much, the things I did eat took all of my daily allowed points (And more!) but the shocker was this morning.

Out of my 32 daily points, my Slim Fast drink in the morning takes 11 of them. ELEVEN! For something that is supposed to help you lose weight, it whacks almost half of my daily points allowed! And I was wondering why I wasn’t losing any weight and sometimes even gained some every week. In fact, I’ve gained 4 lbs since last week. Huh. I thought this thing would help, but obviously, I need a better plan for my breakfasts now!

The great thing about Weight Watchers is that they give you tons of recipe and their points and it’s really easy to follow. So, all I’m seeing for my future is constant weight loss. But here are a few things I love about them as well:

  • Activity assessment;
  • You track what you eat;
  • Easy recipes with point trackers;
  • Exercice goals;
  • Work out and exercise videos and demos;
  • Science centre which explains you the basics of things;
  • Easy weight loss tools;
  • great community;
  • Much more!

I have a good feeling about this. Now all I need to do is stay focused and also keep better track of my diabetes.

Do you know people who have been on Weight Watchers? What did they think?

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